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Why can’t I see posts from Facebook Pages?
Why can’t I see posts from Facebook Pages?

Added a brand to Facebook and can't see its posts?

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Many Global brands are subscribing to Facebook's Global/Glocal Structure, whereby there's a Global brand page and affiliated Regional Pages. Within Unmetric, these brands will show up as independent entities, differentiated by their country name, as you can see below.

Sometimes, when you add the Global page onto your dashboard, you might not see any/many posts the brand has published. This is because the posts are targeted to a specific country. For example: If you're in the United States and looking at Dove's Global page, you probably won't see anything relevant to your country and it won't look the same as what you see on Facebook natively. However, if you add Dove (United States) onto your dashboard you'll see all the posts targeted to that region specifically.

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