Most of our clients have access to their brand's Instagram Insights. By connecting these owned metrics into Unmetric, you can get all the data you need for your brand under one roof. 

1. Just hover over the + sign to the bottom left, and move over to the ‘Connect your Instagram Account’ option.

2. Accept “instagram_manage_insights” permission. Click on ‘Continue as <Name>’ (in this case, Lakshmi)

3. Click ‘choose what you allow’ to see the permissions and click OK. 

4. Unmetric will list out the Accounts the Instagram user owns. The user can select the Pages for which they want to see insights. Click ‘Connect.’

5. You will see a notification stating it will take 12 to 14 hours to see Owned Page Analytics for the Accounts you’ve connected. Click on ‘OK.’

6. Page refreshes and you’ll see your connected Accounts on the right side. Click an Account to see its Insights Metrics. (Note: if page does not refresh, you may have to refresh the browser)

7.Connected Account: Insights Metrics

Once you connect your Instagram Account, you'll have access to the following owned metrics: 

  • Account Stats
  • Audience Location
  • Audience Demographics
  • Online Followers
  • Brand Posts
  • Stories

With access to these metrics, you can monitor what content works for your brand, understand your audience and make decisions on how to improve engagement. 

  • Monitor what content works with your Account.
  • Understand the people who follow and engage with your posts and stories.
  • Decide how and when to engage followers

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