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Facebook Comments Word Cloud
Facebook Comments Word Cloud
Find out what words are most commonly used in the comments left by your brand's fans
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There are different ways to see how fans of your brand’s Page are reacting to your Posts. You can look at the different engagement metrics (Likes, Comments, Shares, Reactions etc).... or you could just read the comments underneath the Post. 

Not everyone has time to go through each comment of every brand’s Posts to get to see how each fan reacted, but we do!  Xia, our AI, follows the language of the comments and extracts noun phrases. She then brings them together in a cloud. This word cloud showcases not just words, but also hashtags and emojis. 

Find the Word Cloud under Analyze Profiles > Brand Posts > Comments

Words that appear darker indicate higher average Engagement and words that look bigger indicate more posts containing that word. You can also see a Word Cloud for only comments that a brand has replied to. 

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