Users on our pricing plan based on profile quota, can now manage their team with ease. It only takes a couple of steps to invite members, assign roles and give them access to certain groups. 

Here's how you do it:

  1. Head over to Settings at the bottom left of the home screen, head to Manage and click on Team.

2. See a list of your team's Members. Either edit what Groups they have access to or invite more people to your team. 

3.  Invited people can be assigned one of these roles: 

Owners: can add, remove and edit Groups, invite people and give them roles. 

Admins: can add and edit Groups as well as invite people. 

Members: can add and edit Groups they have been given access to. 

Guests: can use but not edit the Groups they have been given access to. 

4. Select which Groups they'll have access to. A person can have access to multiple Groups. You can also select the option to give them access to any Group you create in the future. 

5. Enter their details and send out those invites!

Remember, you can always change what Groups individual members have access to. Head to your User Icon > Settings > Manage > Team Members and click the Change Access link next to the team member’s name.

Note: This feature is available only for users who are on our new pricing plan. 

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