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Instagram Reach and Impressions
Instagram Reach and Impressions
Get estimated Reach and Impressions metrics for any brand’s Instagram Posts.
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You know what the Reach and Impressions for your own Instagram posts are. (If you don’t, connect to Instagram Insights and get that and even more metrics for your own brand). 

But wouldn’t you like to know the Reach and Impressions for your competitors’ posts? Well, now you can! With the help of Xia, our AI, you can view these estimated metrics for any brand, either collectively for all their posts and for each individual post published from October 1st, 2018 onwards. 

Head over to Analyze Profiles > Brand Posts for these metrics for any brand or Compare Groups > Brand Posts for a comparison.

Of course, these are all estimated metrics and we arrived at them based on an algorithm with the assistance of our trusty AI, Xia. 

With Instagram Reach and Impressions, you can: 

- Figure out what kind of content is gaining more eyeballs and engaging well for your competitors. 

- Track how influential your influencers actually are. As long as an influencer has a business profile on Instagram, you can see what kind of reach they’re generating. This will help you assess current campaigns and plan future campaigns with them. 

As always, Reach and Engagement metrics can be quickly downloaded and added to your reports. 

Note: If you’d like to see the Actual Reach and Impressions only for your brand on Unmetric Analyze. Head over to Settings > Reach and Impressions and opt to see actual metrics in the app and your reports. 

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