Instagram Stories data is available for any brand on our platform but only on request. Here's how you get it.

1. Under Export data, click 'Get Stories data for this profile'
2. After you get a message saying we've received your request, sit tight and you'll get Stories data from the next day.

Please note that Stories data will be available only from the day after you send us a request. 

Here's a breakdown of the Stories data you'll receive:

Story Type: whether it's a photo or video
Story date: when the story was created
Video duration: the duration of the video
Image URL: any URL in a photo story
Video URL: any URL in a video story
Hashtags: hashtags mentioned in a story
Location: any Location tagged in the story
Events: any event tagged in the story.

FYI, Stories data might not be available for some brands due to certain restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or reach out at 

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