Due to ongoing revisions of our Instagram data collection methodology, we can only show organic Likes and Comments left on Instagram posts. 

This methodology has been applied for posts published from August 1, 2019 onwards. Eventually, we will be updating even historical posts to show only organic data. 

Before this revision, we were showing both the organic and promoted Likes and Comments for a post. Therefore, the number you saw on Unmetric Analyze matched the metrics you saw on the Instagram app. 

However now, we won’t get promoted Likes and Comments anymore and therefore the number of Likes and Comments you see for a post on Unmetric Analyze might be significantly fewer than what you see for the same post on the Instagram app.

What are Organic Likes and Comments?

Organic Likes and Comments are metrics that occur when a brand posted content and followers interact with it organically.

What are Promoted Likes and Comments?

Promoted Likes and Comments are metrics that occur after a brand has promoted a post. Since it’s possible for a brand to post content, have people interact with it organically and then subsequently promote that same piece of content, some posts can have both organic and promoted Likes and Comments.  

Due to this marked change in Likes and Comments, the following metrics will be affected.


Engagement is dependent on interaction metrics, so showing only organic Likes and Comments will result in a dip in Engagement. 

Estimated Reach and Impressions: 

We estimate a post’s Reach and Impressions based on interaction metrics, so showing organic Likes and Comments means we’ll only be able to show a post’s Estimated Organic Reach and Impressions. 

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