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Manage your Custom Industries
Manage your Custom Industries
Create, edit, and delete Custom Industries.
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View all the Custom Industries you’ve compiled with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Profiles of your choice. Create, edit, and delete your Custom Industries by navigating to Settings > Manage > Custom Industries.

Creating a Custom Industry

1. Click the New Custom Industry button.

2. Give your Custom Industry a short and descriptive name and click Create.

You can add new Profiles to your Custom Industries by clicking the Add Profiles button.

Editing a Custom Industry

To edit the name of a Custom Industry, click the Edit icon present beside it to launch the overlay shown below.

Deleting a Custom Industry

Click the Edit icon beside the Custom Industry you wish to delete and hit Delete this Custom Industry.

Note: You need to have more than 3 Custom Industries for the Delete option to be visible in the overlay.

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