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Getting started with Unmetric
The basics
Understanding the main sections of Unmetric Analyze
Understanding the main sections of Unmetric Analyze

A look at the different capabilities of Unmetric Analyze

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The Unmetric platform is separated into four sections as you will see from the Quick Access Sidebar on the left.

Navigate through the sections for a holistic understanding of performance metrics for your brand and competitors.


Assess competitor strategy and performance

The Compare Groups section helps you benchmark brands, giving you insight into which brand is leading the pack across a variety of metrics. Get an overview of where various brands stand with our Comparison Overview. Customize this dashboard to see only the 7 most important metrics that are pertinent to your benchmarking analysis. 


Measure any brand's efforts across social networks

Use this section for a deep dive into a brand’s specific strategy. Also, see where it stands in its industry by using the benchmark option peppered throughout the section. Get specific KPI metrics like Reactions, Likes, Comments, Shares, Engagement Score and Reach and Impressions.


Download professionally formatted reports in seconds

Click the Get Reports button and decide if you’d like an Analysis, Comparison, or Cross-Channel report. After that, just select the brands you'd like featured, a time period and that’s it! You’ll have Powerpoint and Excel Reports downloaded in an instant!


Identify industry leaders and the best performers

When you need a little inspiration, check out this section. You’ll see the MVPs in social media in this section like best posts, pages, campaigns and LIVE Videos across your groups and industry. To know when posts are getting the best traction in your industry, click Timing. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Just email us at and we'll point you in the right direction. 

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