One of the more popular ways brands drum up engagement is through videos. 

We’ll show you the number of Views for videos on Facebook and Instagram. And if you’re the type of brand who publishes LIVE videos, we also track the Views for Facebook Live videos. (Please note that for Facebook, Video Views are available for a profile from the date it is added to the Unmetric database till Feb 25, 2019) 

To see a consolidated number of video views for a brand and the video views for individual posts, select a brand’s Facebook or Instagram page in Focus and click on Brand Posts. 

To see a breakdown of the types of content you’re posting and their corresponding Engagement Scores, click on Post Types.

Are you looking to benchmark your brand’s videos with your competitors? Head over to Compare, click Brand Posts and scroll down to see how your videos performed. 

As always, you can download these metrics by clicking Export data. 

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